We teach K–12 students how to read for deeper comprehension and how to think critically, igniting a passion for ideas that establishes a foundation for learning and growth. We also provide instruction for teachers and volunteers in the Great Books Shared Inquiry™ method of learning, which promotes close reading, careful questioning, active listening, and the respectful exchange of ideas.


“The program teaches teachers and students to dig deeper, create an opinion using textual evidence, collaborate, talk about their reading, and invest in the story. The exciting part of the process is watching the students change their minds and opinions based on text evidence shared by their peers. I absolutely recommend Junior Great Books to fellow educators!”

Kristen Holm, Principal
Richman Elementary School, CA

Students Who Learn Shared Inquiry

“I like when I get to share my thoughts with the whole class. It makes me feel kind of like happy, because everyone is paying attention. It’s great because you actually get to share your thoughts and it makes you feel good. You’re being respected and everyone’s listening to you . . . and you should do the same thing to other people.”

Spiros, First Grader
Blaine Elementary School, IL