Great Books Professional Development

Shared Inquiry enhances all the basic language arts skills—reading comprehension, critical thinking, writing, speaking, and listening—and enables students to learn more across the curriculum.

Teachers who learn Shared Inquiry:

  • Improve their questioning strategies to lead productive text-based discussions
  • Help build students’ critical thinking skills
  • Introduce students to rich and diverse literature from around the world
  • Challenge students to go further with their ideas and opinions
  • Use a nationally recognized method of learning proven to improve student performance

In this hands-on interactive introductory course, experienced trainers model and teach the Shared Inquiry method and help educators learn:

  • The distinguishing features of Shared Inquiry
  • The importance of selecting complex texts
  • The Shared Inquiry sequence of activities
  • What types of questions support each Shared Inquiry objective
  • Close reading activities
  • How to lead a student-driven Shared Inquiry discussion
  • How to assess student performance
  • How to integrate Shared Inquiry into their curriculum

Cost and Format

  • Course fee is $135–$475 per person, depending on enrollment
  • Blended course includes one day (6 hours) of live instruction and 10 hours of web-based learning
  • Live course is composed of two 5-hour sessions on consecutive days
  • Browse a list of courses in your area.
  • Download an outline of our Shared Inquiry Essentials course.

On-Site Training

Customized Consultation
Give your teachers the personalized, specific feedback they need to apply what they have learned in training, and to become highly proficient at the inquiry-based teaching skills that make Great Books programs so successful.

Schedule our expert instructors to visit your school and work with students and teachers in their classrooms. Choose from:

  • In-classroom coaching, modeling, and co-teaching
  • One-on-one feedback and goal setting
  • Grade-level and team meetings
  • Curriculum development—our team of trainers will work with you to customize an inquiry-based curriculum across all disciplines to fit your needs and ensure that you meet state and district standards, using:

  • Great Books programs
  • Classroom materials of your choice
  • A blend of Great Books and other materials

  • Advanced courses, including:

  • Using Shared Inquiry with Nonfiction
  • The Power of Student Questions
  • The Close Reading Process
  • The Reading-Writing Connection
  • Assessing Student Progress
  • Interpretive Thinking for Younger Students

On-Site Fees
Single-day: $3,000
Two or more consecutive days: $1,800 per day (save 40%)


Great Books Virtual Coaching, alongside our on-site consultation visits, is an effective way to provide the tailored individual support your teachers need to deliver the full benefits of Great Books programs and make the Shared Inquiry method of learning part of the culture in every classroom.


  • Expert support and feedback from our staff on up to 80 minutes of classroom video per license. We recommend teachers submit four videos of approximately 20 minutes each during the year in order to optimize practice and growth over time.
  • Our digital platform, which allows for easy uploading of videos, time-stamp tagging to share questions, and reviewing of the coach’s feedback
  • Unlimited sharing of videos between teachers from the same group
  • Shared Inquiry framework that describes specific questioning and discussion practices and is highly compatible with Danielson’s Domain 3b, as well as other teaching frameworks
  • A curated resources library of videos and PDFs to provide additional support



  • Choice. Teachers select video segments for feedback—allowing them to target specific classes, content, or students—and select who can view the videos.
  • Convenience. Videos can be recorded on any device and uploaded at any time.
  • Expertise. Great Books coaches are masters of Shared Inquiry who are focused on supporting teachers and their growth.
  • Personalization. From novice to expert, each user receives individualized feedback and suggestions for improvement and next steps.

Virtual Coaching Fees

Single user license: $1,355 / one year
Group of 5 user licenses: $5,500 / one year (includes one view-only administrator access)


Our highly interactive, live webinars provide ongoing professional development. You can choose from our existing offerings, or we can help you customize online training sessions for your staff.

Our webinars include:

  • The Power of Student Questions
  • The Close Reading Process
  • Shared Inquiry Advanced Review
  • Interpretive Thinking for Grades K–2
  • The Reading-Writing Connection

Examples of custom webinars:

  • Shared Inquiry Discussion Across the Curriculum
  • Shared Inquiry and Current Events
  • Peer Coaching and Mentoring
  • Working with Novels

Most webinars are 90 minutes and only $80 per person, a great value!

Volunteer Leader Training
We also offer volunteer leader training for parents and other volunteers conducting Great Books programs. This webinar covers the essentials of Shared Inquiry and prepares volunteers to lead discussions with students. This live webinar is 4 hours over 2 days for only $99 per person.

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Engaging in a Shared Inquiry experience is one of the finest examples of culture and community building I have ever experienced. I have to concur with my colleagues. . . . Great Books professional development was the best we’ve ever had the opportunity in which to engage. I learned more in 10 hours of your training than I have from some of the biggest names in education.

—Michele Hudak, EdD
Dean of Academics
Candeo Schools, Inc.
Peoria, AZ