Research & Implementation

Read the Research

Great Books K-12 products and professional learning offerings are developed using the best educational research in critical thinking, text complexity, close reading, collaborative discussion, writing, assessment, and more. Independent research studies show that our inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning improves students’ comprehension, metacognition, critical thinking, writing, self-esteem, and enjoyment of literature and learning.

Transform Your School

See your students and teachers exceed expectations with help from Great Books. For almost 50 years, schools that integrate Great Books materials and our inquiry-based approach to learning into their curriculum have been helping their students become independent readers and thinkers while enhancing the instructional skills of their teachers.

Combining Great Books materials and our inquiry-based approach to learning meets the key instructional goals for achieving college and career readiness by:

  • Balancing literary and informational texts
  • Building knowledge in the disciplines
  • Providing a staircase of text complexity
  • Requiring text-based answers
  • Focusing on evidence in writing
  • Expanding vocabulary

Choose Your Approach

Our materials help your students develop the critical thinking, close reading, and analytical skills they need to be college and career ready. Our questioning and discussion techniques help teachers become better discussion leaders.

If your teachers and students are not sure how to integrate inquiry-based teaching and learning into their daily routines, we can help you identify the key problem areas for your students and teachers. No matter what curriculum, literacy program, or textbook you’re using, we’ll work with you to develop a customized approach that integrates our products and/or professional learning into your classroom routines. Please contact us to schedule a time when we can meet and start developing the approach that works best for you.