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The Cotsen Foundation Uses Great Books in the Classroom

Junior Great Books K–1

Junior Great Books Series K-1 is a flexible, interactive program that provides the challenge and critical thinking elements needed in every balanced literacy program. It focuses on building the foundation in the basics of Shared Inquiry: listening, wondering, and sharing.

Series K

Series 1

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Series 2

Brings quality literature and critical thinking to your early readers.

Junior Great Books® Sampler

The Junior Great Books Sampler aligns with grade 3 learning standards but may be used for grades 3–5. The Sampler comes with everything you need to start a classroom program.

Grade 3

Grade 4

Series 3–5

Series 3–5 brings high-quality literature and student-centered discussion to your classroom while providing a strong framework for practicing reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing. Help your students see themselves as successful learners and thinkers as they develop their cognitive, social, and emotional intelligence.

Series 3 – Boundless Grace

Series 4 – Thank You M’am

Series 5 – Charles


Twelve works of fiction, two works of nonfiction, and six poems by award-winning authors, all selected for their interpretive potential.

Great Books Now How-To Videos

Our how-to videos will help existing Great Books groups brush up on discussion skills, and introduce new participants to the benefits of using Shared Inquiry. These videos provide strategies and best practices for facilitating rewarding discussions, as well as highlighting some common problems many book groups face. They’re short so you can take a look at them whenever you have time!

Other Videos

View multiple videos pertaining to the Great Books Foundation and its works.