Leading effective classroom discussions requires a mixture of planning and spontaneity. Teachers must prepare complex texts, express their natural curiosity about what they read, and formulate questions based on the ideas of their students. To attain this level of expertise, teachers need lots of practice and detailed feedback on how they’re performing – and that’s exactly what our Virtual Coaching program provides.

Virtual Coaching from the Great Books Foundation helps teachers improve their questioning and discussion-leading skills. Teachers upload videos of classroom discussions and receive detailed critiques from experienced Great Books professional learning consultants. Virtual Coaching is a highly effective and time-efficient way for teachers to improve their skills. In fact, there is no other medium that provides thorough, specific, actionable information on how to conduct a Shared Inquiry™ classroom discussion.

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Schools and districts can maximize the continuing impact of their Great Books program by taking advantage of our on-site Consultation Days. Our Consultation Days are customized to the unique needs of each school and district in order to help teachers strengthen their understanding of how to effectively use all the components of the Shared Inquiry™ method of learning in real-world classroom settings. During Consultation Days, Great Books professional learning consultants provide practical advice on implementation, co-conduct discussion or other activities, observe teachers and offer specific constructive assessments, and assist in lesson planning and preparation.

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The training that Fred did on Tuesday was amazing!  ALL of the teachers that attended really LOVED it!  They are so excited about Shared Inquiry and can’t wait to get started. Fred was just great!  Everyone really enjoyed him and are looking forward to his return in October. Seriously, I was told it was one of the best PD days we have ever had!

–Tricia Bauche
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
St. Joseph School
St. Louis, MO