Book Group Materials

Lively discussion and lifelong learning are central to our mission. We publish compelling writing from around the globe and across subject areas, including anthologies focused on topics such as civic engagement, immigration, popular culture, and environmental science. Our books include suggested discussion questions, helping you to get conversations off to a good start and deepen your consideration of the texts. Contact a Great Books discussion group near you, and join the conversation!

Great Books Bestsellers

Big Ideas in Popular Culture

The great ideas are all around us! Across music, film, and television, popular culture is a rich source of vibrant and provocative writing on ideas central to our modern world. These three anthologies showcase some of the best short stories, poems, memoirs, essays, and journalism on popular culture topics over the last 70 years.

Her Own Accord

Explore the experiences, challenges, and achievements of women from a contemporary point of view through the 27 selections in Her Own Accord: American Women on Identity, Culture, and Community. Delve into how gender informs every aspect of a woman’s life: self and identity, family, sex and relationships, work and creativity, and activism and politics.


Counterparts presents pairs of contrasting texts that interact with one another in different and surprising ways. These 20 texts offer a range of perspectives on topics such as art and war, love and fidelity, gender, aspiration, and death.

Imperfect Ideal

The selections in Imperfect Ideal: Utopian and Dystopian Visions illustrate the best and worst of what can happen when we attempt to mold the complex communities in which we live into our vision of a perfect state. All 23 selections in this anthology challenge readers to question how society should be structured and governed, as well as what kinds of communities are most conducive to human fulfillment, both privately and in the civic arena.