What is Great Books Plus?

Great Books Plus is a new digital solution that supports student learning and engagement while offering classroom or group management tools and analytics. You can access Great Books Plus from any web browser, and it works on all desktops, laptops, and tablets. It is ideal for classrooms, homeschoolers, and individual users.

How do subscriptions work?

Customers can purchase Great Books Plus for one-year, two-year, or three-year subscriptions. Multi-year subscriptions are available at discounted rates.

A perpetual license is not currently available.

Book licenses can be revoked at the end of the subscription year and reissued to new classes, teachers, or students at the start of a subscription renewal.

What is the pricing?

Price Per License (1 Year)
Student Materials
Teacher Materials
Grades K–1$9.95$24.95
Grades 2–5$19.95$54.95
Grades 6–8$16.95$44.95
Multiyear subscriptions are available at discounted rates.
Please contact us for site/district pricing.

What features do all the books have?

All books feature a full complement of interaction and annotation tools. Take a complete online tour.

Do you have videos to show how to use Great Books Plus?

Yes, we have videos to help you get started and guide you through the toolbar, student resources, and teacher resources. Learn how to use Great Books Plus.

Can I preview a Great Books Plus book and apps?

I had earlier digital versions of Great Books titles. Do I have to switch to Great Books Plus?

No, you do not have to switch. Customers who previously purchased digital Teacher’s Editions or student books may continue to use the content they already purchased in the software they currently use.

However, Great Books Plus offers a wealth of additional features compared to our previous digital books. Customers with earlier digital versions are welcome to preview our Great Books Plus materials. We will offer a discount to customers with earlier digital versions so they can take advantage of Great Books Plus at an affordable price. Contact support@greatbooks.org to set up your preview or contact us to order.

Can I print Great Books Plus books?

IMPORTANT: Books and individual stories cannot be printed, with a few exceptions. The Teacher Resources section and Appendix in the Teacher’s Editions can be saved as PDFs or printed from the online app only. The print icon appears in the upper right-hand portion of the Teacher’s Edition pages. If teachers wish to print unit pages from the Teacher’s Edition, we encourage you to ask your Great Books representative about buying a single print copy of the Teacher’s Edition.

What Great Books titles are available in Great Books Plus?

Series K
Series 1
Series 2, Book One
Series 2, Book Two
Series 3, Book One
Series 3, Book Two
Series 4, Book One
Series 4, Book Two
Series 5, Book One
Series 5, Book Two
Nonfiction Inquiry 2
Nonfiction Inquiry 3
Nonfiction Inquiry 4
Nonfiction Inquiry 5
Series 6 (New – September 2020)
Series 7 (New – September 2020)
Series 8 (New – September 2020)

What are the requirements of using Great Books Plus?


  • Access from any web browser using the online app by going to read.greatbooksplus.org.
    • Chrome: 52 or later
    • Firefox: 48 or later
    • IE: 11 or later
    • Safari: 8 or later
  • Download the free iOS app available in Apple’s App Store for iOS devices. Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Download the free Android app available in Google Play for Android devices. Requires Android 4.0 or later.


  • Users will require a Great Books Plus account with an email address and password to log into the Great Books Plus app.
  • Great Books Plus can be integrated with a school’s or district’s LTI-compliant LMS, and users can use their LMS accounts.
  • Users can use the books on up to six different devices.

How do I purchase Great Books Plus titles?

You have several options to purchase titles:

  • Visit our online store at store.greatbooks.org
  • Fax your purchase order to 312.407.0224
  • Mail your purchase order or check to The Great Books Foundation, 233 N Michigan Ave, Ste 420, Chicago, IL 60601
  • Email your purchase order to customer.service@greatbooks.org
  • Call 800.222.5870 or talk to your Great Books representative

Whichever option you choose, we urge you to talk to your Great Books representative first to discuss your subscription options and collaboration needs for your district, school, or classroom.

How do I activate Great Books Plus content?

Option 1: Activate books using a single or group access code for each title you purchase. Access codes can be used in the online reader or Android app. They cannot be used in the iOS app. If using the iOS app, please activate your access code in the online app, and then your content will be available when you log into your iOS app using the same user account.

Option 2: Books, user accounts, and classes can be integrated with your school’s LTI-compliant LMS.

  • Accounts and classes are managed in your LMS.
  • Teachers and administrators can add link to Great Books Plus books in your LMS activities.
  • Students can click on the links to access Great Books Plus content.
  • NOTE: Student work and annotations are not integrated directly in your LMS. Rather, they reside in the Great Books Plus system.

Can individuals use Great Books Plus?

Yes, you can purchase titles as an individual and use the features that best meet your needs.

I was using the Great Books Plus app and suddenly got logged out. Why?

A user will not be logged out if he or she is actively using the app on only one device. However, if a user is concurrently logged into the app on multiple devices, the active session will be left open, and the earlier session(s) will be automatically closed. A user also will be automatically logged out after seven days.

I purchased print materials—is digital access available?

Yes, you can add Great Books Plus access to any Junior Great Books® K–8 teacher or student print purchase for $7 per user. Contact us to order.

Have a question not listed here?

Email your question to support@greatbooks.org.

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