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Do you want to give your teachers the tools they need to help students read for deeper comprehension, think more critically, and exchange ideas in a truly collaborative atmosphere?

If these ideas intrigue you, you are ready to discover the power of the Great Books Shared Inquiry™ method of learning. In Shared Inquiry, the teacher serves as model learner and coach, showing how to explore complex texts and rich content while shifting to a student-centered process.

Inquiry-based teaching and learning enhances:

  • Interactive learning
  • Close reading
  • Collaborative discourse
  • Evidence-based reasoning
  • Logical argumentation

As a result, students learn more across the curriculum, and teachers gain confidence and expertise in their craft. Complete the form below to schedule your free workshop.


“Engaging in a Shared Inquiry experience is one of the finest examples of culture and community building I have ever experienced. I have to concur with my colleagues—Great Books professional development was the best we’ve ever had the opportunity in which to engage. I learned more in 10 hours of your training than I have from some of the biggest names in education.”

Michele Hudak, EdD
Dean of Academics
Candeo Schools, Inc.
Peoria, AZ