Great Books Summer Program

A message from our president Dr. Joseph P. Coulson, Ph.D.

Established in association with the Great Books Foundation, the Great Books Summer Program (GBSP) is an exceptional summer learning experience for bright middle and high school students. Since 2002, this program has been bringing engaged learners from around the country and around the globe together with faculty and scholars from world-class universities to experience the Shared Inquiry™ approach to learning.

At GBSP, students delve into an inspiring list of great writers from Plato to Shakespeare to Tolstoy and Borges and engage in the lively exploration of philosophical questions. Together on the campuses of Amherst College, Stanford University, Somerville College at the University of Oxford and Trinity College in Dublin, students gain valuable critical thinking skills as they preview life in a prestigious university setting.

I’d like to extend a special invitation to you to discover how the Great Books Summer Program can enrich the lives of your students. To learn more about the Great Books Summer Program and nominate your students for participation, visit the website, request a brochure or contact Great Books Summer Program by phone or email.

I hope that you’ll share this information with students, parents, colleagues, and friends. I speak from experience when I say that the Great Books Summer Program is an opportunity not to be missed. Students I’ve met during the summer sessions describe the time as life changing, and this year I’ll again have the privilege of working with Great Books Summer Program students at Stanford University.


Great Books Summer Program students at Stanford University.


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