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Great Books & the Chicago History Museum’s “Chicago Authored” Exhibit

We’re honored by the Chicago History Museum’s invitation to participate in its December 9 Middle and High School Student Symposium introducing students to the museum’s ”Chicago Authored” exhibit. During the symposium, students from 5 public and private schools will explore Chicago literature through gallery experiences, writing workshops, live readings, and thought-provoking discussion sessions. Great Books staff will lead discussions of the poem “kitchenette building, “ by Gwendolyn Brooks. (Here’s a wonderful audio clip of her reading the poem.)

The symposium will be an exciting and full day for participating students, beginning with Chicago History Museum historian Peter Alter introducing students to the notion that our understanding of Chicago is shaped by those who have written about the city and ending with an opportunity to share their own writing about Chicago. Chicago Authored will bring more introspection on how literature helps us understand our city, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!














photo from a Chicago History Museum exhibit

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