Inspire Ideas with Great Books

A message for the start of a new school year from president Joseph P. Coulson.

Teachers and students are the heart and soul of the Great Books Foundation. Nothing is more important to us than working closely with educators to engage young students in reading and thinking.

Starting in kindergarten and through the early grades, Junior Great Books® brings the power of Shared Inquiry™ to students of all abilities, fueling their imaginations and encouraging them to ask questions. Through collaboration and discussion, students can share their thoughts and opinions while listening to the ideas of others.

As students advance, we give them an opportunity to discover and explore essential ideas in ethics, citizenship, and world culture. We give them the skills to think critically about new and unfamiliar points of view as expressed through fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Together we seek an active discussion that allows students and teachers to understand the influence of a wide range of great thinkers and writers such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Lois Lowry.

Together we demonstrate through the regular practice of Junior Great Books (grades K–5), Great Books Roundtable (grades 6–8), and Great Books Seminar  (grades 9–12) the ways in which engagement with literature drives social and emotional development and our capacity to understand the world from different points of view.

The Great Books Foundation was established in 1947 and became a leader in educational reform.

We continue to lead through our methodology, books, school collaborations, outreach, and community participation. In schools that invite our books and method of learning, in partnership with the teachers who care so deeply about their students, we at Great Books stand for the importance of talking to students about the great ideas and values of the past and their absolute necessity in shaping the future.

Join us as we continue to inspire great ideas, dialogue, and lives.


Great Books President Joseph Coulson with students attending the Great Books Summer Program at Stanford.




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2 thoughts on “Inspire Ideas with Great Books

  1. I am currently interested in how I might use your Great Books Roundtable for my students in grades 6-8. My student population consist of 40% of boys and girls reading below grade level. I am searching for strategies to combat this trend and groom them to becoming life long readers, how can you assist me in this pursuit?

    • Thanks for your interest in Great Books Roundtable! We’re confident GBR would be an ideal addition to your classroom & look forward to helping you implement successful strategies to improve your students’ reading levels. You’ll hear from one of our New York educational consultants soon–watch your in-box for an email that ends with!

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