Joseph Coulson and the Great Books Summer Program

Foundation president Joseph Coulson traveled west last week and taught students in the Great Books Summer Program at Stanford University.  The program brings exceptional middle and high school students together to read, discuss, and debate great works of literature, experience college-level discussions and seminars, and enjoy a fun summer experience with other literary-minded students. “It was a joy to spend time with the extraordinary students and staff of the Great Books Summer Program,” said Coulson. “Such passion and joy gives me considerable hope for the future.” Coulson is an experienced educator who has worked as a classroom teacher, English department chair, senior administrator, and English professor. As an instructor and school administrator, Coulson served for several years as a Mentor Teacher and curriculum consultant, and worked to develop comprehensive teacher-training programs.

The Great Books Summer Program was developed to build on the success of the Junior Great Books program and to give students a sense of the college experience that lies ahead for them. As one parent expressed it, “They learned a lot about college life and now have a goal to keep in mind.” Learn more about the Great Books Summer Program.


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