TitleAuthorLexileWord Count
Series K Consolidated6207,772
Series K, Volume One5402,177
CorneliusLeo Lionni440278
Big Wolf and Little WolfNadine Brun-Cosme6301,004
Jamaica’s Blue MarkerJuanita Havill460895
The Stray Cat (poem)Eve MerriamNA*63
Series K, Volume Two5302,948
The Three WishesMargot Zemach750685
Me FirstMax Kornell410619
The Fire CatEsther Averill4701,644
Every Time I Climb a Tree (poem)David McCordNA*158
Series K, Volume Three7502,647
Screen of FrogsSheila Hamanaka810928
Down the RoadAlice Schertle7301,347
The Tin ForestHelen Ward730372
Where Would You Be? (poem)Karla KuskinNA*105
Series 1 Consolidated6409,766
Series 1, Volume One7102,944
City Mouse and Country MouseAesop950756
Under the Lemon MoonEdith Hope Fine5201,238
Those ShoesMaribeth Boelts680950
The Land of Nod (poem)Robert Louis StevensonNA*106
Series 1, Volume Two5702,716
Stone SoupMarcia Brown5301,080
The Big Orange SplotDaniel Pinkwater650754
The Mud FamilyBetsy James500882
Blue (poem)Claudia LewisNA*59
Series 1, Volume Three6304,106
Skunny-Wundy’s Skipping StoneJoseph Bruchac5801,522
Best Friends for FrancesRussell Hoban6501,646
Yoshi’s FeastKimiko Kajikawa690938
Dinky (poem)Theodore RoethkeNA*131

*Lexile measures are not applied to poetry.

TitleAuthorLexileWord Count
Series 2, Book One79014,150
The Happy LionLouise Fatio910980
Miss MaggieCynthia Rylant920977
Anancy and Dog and Puss and FriendshipWest Indian folktale as told by James Berry6301,738
Catalog Cats/Our GardenAnn Cameron6101,582
Carlos and the CornfieldJan Romero Stevens8501,469
The Wedding BasketWest African folktale as told by Donna L. Washington6301,586
The Jade StoneChinese folktale as told by Caryn Yacowitz7001,308
The Girl and the ChenooNative American folktale as told by Joseph Bruchac and Gayle Ross7702,082
Jack and the BeanstalkEnglish folktale as told by Joseph Jacobs9902,428
Series 2, Book Two87015,301
Erandi’s BraidsAntonio Hernández Madrigal5001,266
The Invisible HuntersNicaraguan folktale as told by Harriett Rohmer6201,337
Fishing DayAndrea Davis Pinkney6901,611
Perfect CraneAnne Laurin8301,390
Hurricane FlowersEthel Pochocki8801,642
My Great-Grandmother’s GourdCristina Kessler7702,017
The Wise Little ToadRosario Ferré1,1501,131
Doodle FluteDaniel Pinkwater3101,031
The Velveteen RabbitMargery Williams1,1103,876
TitleAuthorLexileWord Count
Series 3, Book One79017,104
Boundless GraceMary Hoffman6501,106
The ScarebirdSid Fleischman5501,517
Chin Yu Min and the Ginger CatJennifer Armstrong7902,164
The Gold CoinAlma Flor Ada7102,146
The Magic Listening CapJapanese folktale as told by Yoshiko uchida8301,847
The Mushroom ManEthel Pochcocki9602,035
The BanzaHaitian folktale as told by Diane Wolkstein5901,106
The Upside-Down BoyJuan Felipe Herrerra6401,187
The Ugly DucklingHans Christian Andersen9002,428
Series 3, Book Two85014,141
White WaveChinese folktale as told by Diane Wolkstein6101,270
Luba and the WrenUkrainian folktale as told by Patricia Polacco6701,711
Basho and the River StonesTim Myers7501,311
The Monster Who Grew SmallJoan Grant9702,245
The Buffalo StormKatherine Applegate8801,225
Pierre’s DreamJennifer Armstrong8401,196
The Dream WeaverConcha Castroviejo9901,971
The Man Whose Trade Was TricksGeorgian folktale as told by George and Helen Papashvily8201,474
The Emperor’s New ClothesHans Christian Andersen9401,717
TitleAuthorLexileWord Count
Series 4, Book One79017,588
Thank You M’amLangston Hughes8001,348
Crow CallLois Lowry7501,851
FreshPhilippa Pearce6803,487
Shrewd Todie and Lyzer the MiserUkrainian folktale as told by Isaac Bashevis Singer9201,753
On Sand IslandJacqueline Briggs Martin8701,420
The Green ManGail E. Haley8201,591
Song of HopePeggy Duffy7002,049
Jean Labadie’s Big Black DogFrench-Canadian folktale as told by Natalie Savage Carlson7702,256
Thunder, Elephant, and DoroboAfrican folktale as told by Humphrey Harman9401,830
Series 4, Book Two78018,173
Tuesday of the Other JuneNorma Fox Mazer7503,460
Doesn’t Fall Off His HorseVirginia A. Stroud8202,504
The Cello of Mr. OJane Cutler7501,499
The No-Guitar BluesGary Soto8002,315
The Fire on the MountainEthiopian folktale as told by Harold Courlander and Wolf Leslau9201,398
Ooka and the Honest ThiefJapanese folktale as told by I.G. Edmonds8901,105
The Old Woman and the WaveShelley Jackson8201,227
Letting Swift River GoJane Yolen9001,074
The Apple and the EnvelopeHerbert Montgomery6303,578
TitleAuthorLexileWord Count
Series 5, Book One77018,451
CharlesShirley jackson7101,599
The Special Powers of Blossom CulpRichard Peck7802,565
The Peddler’s GiftMaxine Rose Schur6802,297
In the Time of DrumsGullah folktale as told by Kim L. Siegelson8401,913
Learning the GameFrancisco Jiménez6502,389
The Invisible ChildTove Jansson6702,847
The Coming of the SufrmanPeter Collington7802,796
All Summer in a DayRay Bradbury8501,936
A Game of CatchRichard Wilbur1,0401,444
Series 5, Book Two77025,446
Kamau’s FinishMuthoni Muchemi7102,046
Ghost CatDonna Hill5503,438
The Hemulen Who Loved SilenceTove Jansson8303,832
The Enchanted SticksSteven J. Myers7902,389
Kaddo’s WallWest African folktale as told by Harold Courlander and George Herzog7602,092
The Prince and the Goose GirlElinor Mordaunt9304,642
A Bad Road for CatsCynthia Rylant7101,558
Lenny’s Red-Letter DayBernard Ashley7902,990
Through the Mickle WoodsValiska Gregory6502,447