Training Courses


Shared Inquiry Essentials Training

This course prepares you to begin using the Great Books Foundation’s Shared Inquiry method of learning with students at all levels. Learn questioning strategies that keep discussions lively and focused white improving students’ reading, critical-thinking, writing, and oral communication skills. Practice writing interpretive questions and using follow-up questions to involve students of all ages and proficiency levels. See how interpretive activities support student learning and meet state and district standards. Those who complete the Shared Inquiry Essentials Training will be eligible for a Shared Inquiry Leader Badge and Certificate.

Register for an already-scheduled course or talk to your K–12 partnership manager to schedule training for your own group of educators.

Junior Great Books trainer with Group Of teachers learning about the Shared Inquiry method

NEW! Professional Development Packages

Whether you are in a large public school district, a small private school, or somewhere in between, we have a professional development package for your setting. Each package includes initial training, follow-up support, and practice sessions that will give your Junior Great Books program a strong start and give teachers the guidance they need as your implementation progresses. Select your state below to speak with your K–12 partnership manager to find the professional development package that meets your needs.


Intermediate and Advanced Training

​​Once you have begun to implement Shared Inquiry with Junior Great Books programs in your classroom, you will want to advance your skills in inquiry-based teaching. Our intermediate and advanced level trainings are designed to strengthen teachers’ questioning skills and maximize Shared Inquiry’s impact on student learning. There are several courses, held regularly, that address different aspects of the Shared Inquiry approach. Here are a few of our most popular options:

  • The Power of Student Questions
  • Implementing Junior Great Books Nonfiction Inquiry
  • Interpretive Thinking for Grades K–1
  • Shared Inquiry Advanced Review

Professional Great Books trainer leading Shared Inquiry Advanced training

Custom On-Site or Online Consultation

Our coaching gives teachers the personalized, specific feedback they need to apply what they have learned and to become highly proficient in inquiry-based teaching skills. Choose one or multiple days when our trainers will consult with your teachers to offer support where it is most needed. Our trainers can co-lead Shared Inquiry discussion, demonstrate Shared Inquiry discussion with your students, meet with your team of teachers who are implementing Junior Great Books to discuss your implementation, and more! In-person and online options are available.

Curriculum Development 

We will help you develop your own inquiry-based curriculum for English language arts or other subject areas. Working in consultation with your staff and your existing curriculum materials, our professional learning consultants will assist you with text selection and unit development, writing questions and activities, lesson planning, and differentiation and adaptation.

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