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For the last seven decades, we have been able to have a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of so many people, including one bright young girl named Sabine.

Sabine Student“I am generally a very introverted person,” Sabine said. “I don’t really like to talk to new people or take the lead in situations. However, Great Books discussions have made me speak up more and realize that my opinions are valid. When I first started Great Books in seventh grade, I would answer the questions that I was asked and that was all. But as I got into the program, I got more comfortable sharing my ideas since we got to discuss our interpretation of what we read with each other and work together. I also got to read books I would’ve never read, think about them at a deeper level, and talk about them, which really improved my vocabulary. Now I am confident enough to contribute my input and my opinion even if I am not directly asked. I really miss the Great Books program, and I wish I could do it all over again.”

For Sabine, being able to understand her peers’ opinions, form her own ideas, and dig deeper to find evidence has been paramount in her growth as a student.

And she’s not alone.

Impact of Great BooksAt the Great Books Foundation, we work to create a world of educated, receptive, and engaged citizens through evidence-based discussions and civil discourse. Last year, our program was used in over 4,000 schools, we trained 2,777 teachers, and we impacted the lives of over 83,000 children. Additionally, through our partnerships, our community programs reached numerous children and adults of all ages around the world.

Your support is essential to continue this meaningful work and reach many more children like Sabine. And if you donate to the Great Books Foundation by December 31, 2019, our Board of Directors will match your donation dollar for dollar, up to $30,000. Double your impact!

Together We Can build a strong future generation to come. Thank you for your support.

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