Did you know that Montessori educators have long relied on Junior Great Books to engage students’ imaginations and foster deep conversations?

Junior Great Books® and the Shared Inquiry™ method of learning align perfectly with Montessori’s goals and practices. At its core, Montessori education recognizes that children are naturally curious and possess an innate desire to explore and make sense of the world around them. In the Montessori classroom, learning is not limited to transmitting information from teacher to student. Instead, it is a dynamic process that encourages active engagement and self-discovery.

On this page, you will find resources that help you discover why Junior Great Books is such a great fit for Montessori schools, including:

Teacher reading to kids before a Great Books Shared Inquiry Discussion

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To learn more about how Junior Great Books programs and the Shared Inquiry method of learning can fit your Montessori school’s programming, please get in touch with the Great Books Foundation partnership manager for your area. We are confident that we can put together a package of outstanding, rich classroom materials for your students and strong professional development in inquiry-based learning for your teachers to bring Junior Great Books and the joy of reading and discovery to your school!