New! Expanded Blended Shared Inquiry Essentials Course

Questions inspire! Asking the right questions at the right time is a skill that requires practice. How do you learn this skill & get the practice you need? In our revised and expanded 15-hour Blended Shared Inquiry Essentials Course! The course will help you develop and refine this skill so you can empower your students to read closely, think critically, and discuss actively.  Our expanded course combines five hours (one day) of live instruction with 10 hours of web-based instruction and provides you with more opportunities to practice asking effective follow-up questions, assessing your students’ performance, and conducting other inquiry-based activities. The online portion of the course is entirely self-paced. Upon completion of the course you can you earn graduate level extension credit from the University of San Diego or be eligible for credits from other institutions.

Here’s what educators had to say after learning and implementing Shared Inquiry:

“The Shared Inquiry training was phenomenal!…”
—Lynn Tschaplinski, K-6 Reading Coordinator, Oak Ridge Schools, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

“Shared Inquiry is highly, highly impactful for everybody involved—from students who are considered the lowest readers in the classroom, to those who are the highest.”
—Dr. Robin Carey, former Director of Educational Programming & Services at a school district in Colorado

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