NPR: 50 Great Teachers

NPREd kicks off a yearlong series “50 Great Teachers” by celebrating Socrates, a philosopher and teacher dear to our hearts. If you’re familiar with our Shared Inquiry™ method of learning you understand the influence Socrates had on the original Great Books movement and our current programs. His influence in K-12 education is impossible to measure—from Great Books, to discussion based seminars, to an increased focus on questions in many classrooms, and more. A quote from the NPR article summarizes Socrates’s lasting impact: “”We really remind our teachers that what we’re trying to get at is the process of learning for learning’s sake,” Carlstroem says. “Let’s not make this all about learning to gain information but to learn how to learn. I think that’s when the democratic process comes through in all this.”

socratesWe’re going to bookmark the series to follow along and recommend you do the same!

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