We discover the best part of ourselves in great stories and poems

We ask our men and women to fight. In the chaos of war, they often experience emotional and physical wounds. When their tour of duty ends and they return home to be healed, the turmoil too often continues.

Talking Service—our powerful reading, discussion, and skill-building program—assists veterans and their families as they work to rejoin communities, pursue further education, and establish new careers.

Discussions focus on readings from Standing Down: From Warrior to Civilian, an anthology of writings on military experience that gives veterans a forum to engage in dialogue with their peers. Meeting regularly in small groups and talking about issues that arise from a shared text, veterans build a community of mutual support to overcome the challenges of returning to civilian life.

“People out there…are still walking around wounded…the route from combat to cure is…a coherent story about yourself.” –Edward W. Wood, Jr., WWII veteran

Beginning with The New York Council for the Humanities and expanding with the help of other humanities councils, Talking Service provides opportunities for veterans across 12 states. But this is just the beginning. Your gift will help us make Talking Service a national program.

Help veterans to help each other.

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