Reflecting on the Year’s Accomplishments

Educators in districts with a traditional summer break are no doubt celebrating the end of the school year. Teaching is hard work, and a summer away from the daily classroom can be essential to returning renewed in the fall. The end of the school year also presents an ideal time to reflect on personal performance.  “Between final exams, calculating grades, and writing student comments—not to mention various award ceremonies and graduation–the end of the school year can often feel like an exhausting sprint to the finish. For better or worse, this is also when self-reflection works best, when the year’s triumphs and struggles are freshest in the teacher’s mind. Don’t skimp on this essential practice, which can renew your sense of purpose while helping to make you an even better teacher.” Even if your school year ended weeks ago, it isn’t too late to benefit from a bit of self-reflection!  Read the full Edutopia article.




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