Remembering Jacob Friedes 1915-2015

Great Books discussion group members are our most stalwart supporters. Our efforts to bring meaningful discussions of literature to communities across the country begin and end with book group members. We’re always saddened to hear of the loss of a participant, and especially so when that person’s commitment to Great Books spans decades. Jacob Friedes—a husband, father, grandfather, judge, and lifelong Great Book participant—was honored by his friend Bernice Baeumler, who made a donation to the Great Books Foundation in his memory. “Jacob was a dedicated member of the Buffalo Great Books Group for more than 50 years—and before that he belonged to a group in New York City,” said Baeumler. “As an administrative law judge he had a busy career but found that Great Books helped to balance his life, and he was a champion for it for the last 90+ years.”

We’re grateful for Jacob’s years of support and dedication to Great Books, and to Bernice for her generous donation.

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