“Shared Inquiry is highly, highly impactful. . . ”

RCareyWe love attending conferences because they give us the opportunity to meet new educators and talk to them about the benefits of Great Books. We also enjoy them because we meet program users who share their positive experiences. For example, at the Kansas Gifted Talented and Creative Conference in Overland Park last week, Dr. Robin Carey, former Director of Educational Programming & Services at a school district in Colorado, took the time to tell us why she recommends using Junior Great Books. Here’s what Robin had to say:

“As an educator at the middle level, Junior Great Books was one of the most impactful things I used with a mixed-ability classroom. The conversations those students had were amazing!

“Shared Inquiry is highly, highly impactful for everybody involved—from students who are considered the lowest readers in the classroom, to those who are the highest.”

Thanks Robin, for your positive words and for supporting Junior Great Books!


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