“Shared Inquiry Training was Phenomenal!”

There isn’t much we enjoy more than hearing from teachers. Our K-12 efforts rely on dedicated educators who are committed to both being the best at their craft and to using the best instructional strategies in their classrooms. We’re confident Shared Inquiry™ can bea game changer for teachers, and our confidence is renewed when teachers tell us how our professional learning impacted them after attending one of courses. Lynn Tschaplinski, K-6 reading coordinator at Oak Ridge Schools in Tennessee, recentlyattended a Shared Inquiry Essentials course in Bakersville, North Carolina. She shared her thoughts about the course with us in the following email message:

“The Shared Inquiry training was phenomenal! I knew it was going to be good but Terri and I agreed that it is some of the best PD we have had. We are both doing the “starting strong” stories right now (Terri with several different grade level gifted groups and me with a 3rd grade intervention group). We are both so impressed.

The emphasis on the development of teacher expertise, higher-level comprehension and discourse, and high-quality literature has a solid research base and is consistent with the new rigorous standards and assessments.

Deb Bowles was a wonderful leader. She is a dynamo! We both commented that her pacing was “spot-on” – she visited different aspects of the program just long enough to give you a beginning grasp of each component or skill but not so long that you lost momentum or the overall sense of the exercise. She was knowledgeable, funny, encouraged participation . . . highly effective!

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to participate and learn so much more about Junior Great Books. We are both thinking hard about how to expand the use of it in our district. It is the perfect antidote to the poison of all the commercial, scripted, skills-based programs that we are constantly being inundated with.

Thank you for the good work you do. We will keep in touch.”

Lynn Tschaplinski, K-6 Reading Coordinator
Oak Ridge Schools, Oak Ridge, TN[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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