Your donation will empower all students to join the conversation, one voice at a time.

November 29, 2021
6:00–7:00 p.m. central time


About the Event

The Great Books Foundation’s Associate Board of Ambassadors is excited to bring you Sing It Forward, our virtual giving event featuring Reuters Entertainer of the Year Michael Cavanaugh. He will delight the audience with favorites from the American rock and roll songbook, and will take requests for songs in his vast repertoire!

Whom It Will Benefit

Critical thinking and discussion skills are more important than ever in today’s world. Money raised at Sing It Forward will bring the Junior Great Books® program to more schools, empowering students with the tools, empathy, and confidence they need to build a brighter future. Join our efforts to help more children make their voices heard and participate in collaborative conversations!

Virtual Event
Nov. 29, 6:00–7:00 p.m. central time
$25 minimum donation

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Students and teachers benefit from Junior Great Books and its focus on inquiry-based learning!

Critical Thinking

Reading Comprehension

Speaking and Listening


The Great Books Foundation Associate Board

Lana Burge

Lana Burge

An avid reader since before she could walk, Lana is passionate about using stories as a way to build empathy and strengthen connections with others. She believes GBF’s mission of teaching kids how to have respectful and thoughtful discussions will create a better future for all.
Kendall McDermott

Kendall McDermott

As a former childhood bookworm, Kendall believes reading has the power to open the world to new perspectives and diverse ways of thinking. She is proud to be a part of GBF’s mission to foster civic engagement and spark thoughtful discussion for generations to come.

Mike Heaney

Throughout childhood, Michael avoided sharing his thoughts in school due to a lack of confidence speaking in front of his classmates. Years later, after participating in a Shared Inquiry session, Michael found GBF to offer a solution for children with similar reservations. He has made it his goal to spread the message by dedicating his time and devotion to the organization.

Victoria Conner

After sponsoring the Laugh It Forward event in 2020, Victoria decided to donate 10% of her business profits to GBF to provide further support. Seeing the value in reading, Victoria wanted to continue to participate in furthering GBF’s mission by joining the ABA.