Tampa Bay Great Books Council 2015 Fall Conference

Society’s leaders, whether guided by military, political, or pastoral aims, have tried to create their own versions of “the perfect world.” Can human beings, given all their prejudices and foibles, create a perfect society? Have we ever succeeded in reaching this goal? If you’re intrigued by these questions and live in the Tampa Bay area, we encourage you to attend the Tampa Great Books Council’s one-day conference on September 16 at the Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club. The event will consider what can happen when we attempt to mold the complex communities in which we live into our vision of a perfect state and will focus on discussions of 5 selections from our new anthology Imperfect Ideal: Utopian and Dystopian Visions. For just $45 you’ll get a copy of the text, lunch, and a day of engaging discussions!

For more information contact Patrick DeMarco.

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