Dear Friend,

Last Thursday we gave thanks to all our friends and family for their support. Today, on Giving Tuesday, it’s time to give to all those who need our support.

Join us at the Great Books Foundation as we work to:

  • Transform education for the next generation of students
  • Provide children with the life skills they need for a better future
  • Foster collaboration to help leaders support their teams effectively

Every dollar counts toward making a meaningful change in the lives of children and adults. Last year, our program was used in over 4,000 schools, we trained 2,777 teachers, and we impacted the lives of more than 83,000 children. Additionally, through our community programs, we reached many more learners and leaders of all ages. We need your support to continue this work.

Together We Can create a world of educated, receptive, and engaged citizens.

Valentina Texera-Parissi
President & Chief Executive Officer