Are you interested in bringing student-centered learning to your classroom? Would you like to tailor your Shared Inquiry™ skills to fit the new online and blended learning paradigms? We have two interactive online training sessions that can help you.

Shared Inquiry Essentials Online Training

This interactive introductory course prepares you to begin using the Great Books Shared Inquiry method in K–12 classrooms. Over the course of 10 hours, you will engage in synchronous and asynchronous learning activities, which include three live 2-hour sessions, followed by 4 hours of asynchronous learning that is entirely self-paced.

Throughout the training sequence, you will experience interactive online discussions modeled by your Great Books instructor, and you will learn:

  • Questioning strategies that keep online and in-person discussions lively and focused
  • Strategies to improve students’ reading, critical thinking, writing, and oral communication skills
  • Online strategies for engaging students in today’s digital classroom
  • How to write interpretive questions and how to use timely follow-up questions
  • How Great Books interpretive activities support student learning

Those who complete the course will receive a Shared Inquiry certificate and join our global community of over 65,000 trained teachers!

Register Today – Only $250!

October 5, 7, and 9, 2020 • 6:00–8:00 a.m. central time • Register • $250
October 19, 21, and 23, 2020 • 6:00–8:00 a.m. central time • Register • $250
October 22, 29, and November 5, 2020 • 4:30–6:30 p.m. central time • Register • $250
All courses include 4 hours of asynchronous learning!

Using Junior Great Books Online

We have designed this brand-new course just for you, and for the extraordinary circumstances in which we all find ourselves. We want you to get as close to the live, in-person Shared Inquiry experience as you can—the same one you are used to having in your classroom. In this course, we’ll show you how to:

  • Build a collaborative, civil community of online learners
  • Balance participation and engage all learners
  • Plan an effective, flexible implementation

Register Today – Only $85!

October 15, 2020 • 3:00–5:00 p.m. central time • Register • $85
October 27, 2020 • 3:00–5:00 p.m. central time • Register • $85
November 16, 2020 • 3:00–5:00 p.m. central time • Register • $85
December 15, 2020 • 3:00–5:00 p.m. central time • Register • $85

This interactive webinar prepares teachers who have taken previous Great Books professional development courses to implement Junior Great Books effectively in an online or hybrid environment. We will cover:

  • Setting expectations and establishing etiquette
  • Experiencing and reflecting on Shared Inquiry activities (from prereading through Shared Inquiry discussion and postdiscussion reflection)
  • Student reflection
  • Implementation planning
  • Special strategies and resources to make the online experience great

Join us for this fun, informative, NEW interactive online training!

Smiling teacher in headphones using laptop, looking at screen, taking Great Books online training and coaching