Using “Selma” to Teach Critical Thinking Skills

“If it’s current and controversial, it’s a lesson plan,” writes Liz Prather, a teacher blogger for the Center for Teaching Quality—what a great quote and certainly one we agree with. We all know engaging students is key to advancing skills, and what better way to engage them than by discussing current controversial topics? The varying opinions about historical inaccuracies in the movie “Selma” provide you with a unique learning opportunity and we encourage you to take advantage. Prather’s blog post provides ideas for classroom discussions and explains how to use “Selma” to teach critical thinking skills.

Ava DuVernay, “Selma’s” director, said it best—“Bottom line is folks should interrogate history. Don’t take my word for it or LBJ rep’s word for it. Let it come alive for yourself.”

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