The NEW Junior Great Books Virtual Academy strengthens skills in:

Critical Thinking

Reading Comprehension

Speaking and Listening


What Students, Parents, and Educators Have to Say

Online Student Discussions

Using the Junior Great Books curriculum, the Junior Great Books Virtual Academy combines works of art, short films, and interactive reading activities with student-centered online discussions to help students develop their ideas, use and explain evidence, and respond constructively to their peers.

  • Format: Four- and eight-week sessions where students meet for 60 minutes once a week
  • Price: $149–$259

Spring Virtual Academy Sessions Now Enrolling!

Visual Arts and Poetry

Exploring Creative Mediums for Grades 1–8

These sessions will use visual art and poetry as a basis to offer students an opportunity to expand their critical thinking and creative skills. Courses emphasize analyzing and responding to works of visual art and poetry.

  • Sample session for grades 1–2: Participants will explore artworks by Vincent van Gogh and create original spiral poems.
  • Sample sessions for grades 3–5: Participants will delve into the paintings of Marc Chagall and prose poems.
  • Sample session for grades 6–8: Participants will connect with Pieter Bruegel’s art and William Carlos Williams’s poetry.


Exploring Language and Meaning for Grades 4–8

We watch and enjoy films, commercials, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, and a variety of visual mediums every day. But how do filmmakers create meaning? And how do we talk about a film’s meaning? These sessions will use film as a basis to offer students an opportunity to expand their critical thinking and creative skills. A new concept of film language will be introduced each week accompanied by a short film and discussion about how the film created and established meaning.

Give your student the opportunity to engage with thought-provoking content while providing opportunities to accelerate student learning and interact with peers in a supportive, fun online environment. Sessions begin March 15.

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Summer Virtual Academy Sessions
Year-round Virtual Academy Sessions