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Working Together—Junior Great Books® Series 4 & ThinkIt®

It’s easy to extend critical thinking to nonfiction materials when you combine Junior Great Books Series 4 with Junior Great Books ThinkIt.
Here’s how:

  1. Begin any of the Junior Great Books themes listed in the chart below by asking students the theme question and having them complete the theme introduction page of the Reader’s Journal.
  2. Once you complete the stories for a theme, return to the theme question and have students record any new answers in their Reader’s Journals.
  3. Inform students that you’re moving on to a ThinkIt unit that shares a similar theme and that you will revisit the theme question at the end of the unit.
  4. Have students complete the ThinkIt unit as directed.
  5. Ask students the theme question again and have them record any new answers they have in their Reader’s Journals.
  6. In addition, you can give your students the option of using the ThinkIt selection in the text comparison portion of the Series 4 story-to-story connection activities.

Correlation Chart

Series 4 Theme Theme Question ThinkIt Correlation*
Trust How do you earn someone's trust? Junior Great Books orientation
Resourcefulness What does it mean to be resourceful? Wright Brothers, Inc.
Communication What makes communication successful
and what makes it unsuccessful?
Disobeying the Dogs
Strength What does it mean to be strong? Doris and the End of the World
Amelia Earhart Crosses the Atlantic
Integrity What does it mean to have integrity? The Stranger
My Time on the Mount
Perspective Why might someone try to see something
from a different perspective?
Bad Mistakes on Aconcagua
Christmas Eve Crevasse

*Please note that not all ThinkIt units correspond to a Junior Great Books Series 4 theme.

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5 thoughts on “Working Together—Junior Great Books® Series 4 & ThinkIt®

  1. Can you send me sample materials for teacher review? I am the reading specialist and want to see the actual books used in the series. Thank you!
    8730 Greenwood Ave., San Gabriel CA 91775

    • Hi Gloria! Thanks for your interest in Junior Great Books. I’m going to send you an email you—look for a message that ends with @greatbooks.org (in case my message ends up in your spam folder). In case you already haven’t done so, be sure to download sample units of Junior Great Books Series 3-5 and ThinkIt on the K-12 Schools/Classroom Products page.

  2. Hi,

    After digging through our school closets, I came across several different editions of Junior Great Books. Why these aren’t being used – I don’t know. The only problem that I am having, is that I cannot find any teacher materials that go with the books. Some of them are obviously older but I thought I might give it a try.

    We have multiple copies of:
    JGB Series 4 Volume 1 with a 1975 copyright date
    Series 4 Volume 2 with a 1975 copyright date – are there other volumes in this series?

    JGB Series 4 Second Semester with a 1992 copyright date

    JGB Series 5 volume 2 with a 1975 copyright
    Series 5 Volume 3 with a 1975 copyright – looks like I am missing volume 1

    I am not worried about the old copyright dates – good literature is always good literature. I am interested however in teacher materials.

    Thanks so much for your help,

    • Sharon Crowley

      Hi Lori,

      Wow! You found some Junior Great Books treasures. Watch your inbox for an email from @greatbooks.org–a staff member is going to reply to your question.

  3. Hi, I also have come across a 1975 copyrighted Junior Great Books reader from Series 4, Volume 1 and am looking for a leaders manual. As a girl in Chicago in the 1970’s, I was in on the newly started program. It was one of the most valuable educational experiences of my life. I would like to use the same materials for my son and others. The original stories were extraordinary and after reading a bit of one a minute ago I could remember it and the effect on me was the same. Profound.

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