Working Together—Junior Great Books® Series 5 & ThinkIt®

It’s easy to extend critical thinking skills to nonfiction materials when you combine Junior Great Books® Series 5 with Junior Great Books ThinkIt®.
Here’s how:

  1. Begin any of the Junior Great Books themes listed in the chart below by asking students the theme question and having them complete the theme introduction page of the Reader’s Journal.
  2. Once you complete the stories for a theme, return to the theme question and have students record any new answers in their Reader’s Journals.
  3. Inform students that you’re moving on to a ThinkIt unit that shares a similar theme and that you will revisit the theme question at the end of the unit.
  4. Have students complete the ThinkIt unit as directed.
  5. Ask students the theme question again and have them record any new answers they have in their Reader’s Journals.
  6. In addition, you can give your students the option of using the ThinkIt selection in the text comparison portion of the Series 5 story-to-story connection activities.

Correlation Chart

Series 5 Theme Theme Question ThinkIt Correlation*
Honesty Why might someone choose to behave
honestly or dishonestly?
Junior Great Books orientation
Self-Respect What does it mean to respect yourself? My Time on the Mount
Fitting In What makes it hard or easy for
someone to fit in?
The Highs and Lows of Hans Christian Andersen
My Time on the Mount
Family What should family members be expected
to do for one another?
Doris and the End of the World
Humility What does it mean to be humble? Bad Mistakes on Aconcagua
Disobeying the Dogs
Compassion What makes a person compassionate? The Stranger

*Please note that not all ThinkIt units correspond to a Junior Great Books Series 5 theme.


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