NEW Junior Great Books Series 6–8!

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of all-new classroom materials for grades 6, 7, and 8. Bring inquiry-centered exploration of high-quality fiction, nonfiction, and poetry to your classroom!

The NEW Junior Great Books® Series 6–8 meets state and national standards in English language arts through authentic, inquiry-based activities, with a sharp focus on close reading and critical thinking for which our programs are renowned. Clear instructional frameworks simplify implementation, and teacher resources offer flexible ways to extend learning into writing and across the curriculum.

The new series includes:

  • High-quality texts in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry: 10 stories, 8 nonfiction texts, and 2 poems
    at each grade level. Selections include contemporary writing by new authors as well as beloved classics by well-known writers.
  • In-depth reading, critical thinking, and writing activities
  • Note-taking options focused on author’s craft
  • Differentiated instruction for every core activity
  • Formal and informal assessment options
  • Teacher support and online resources
  • Print and digital options

Great Books Roundtable for Grades 6–8

The Great Books Roundtable program focuses on outstanding literature and the Shared Inquiry method of interpretive reading and discussion. The Shared Inquiry approach to learning helps students work together to read closely and interpret a complex text, guided by the curiosity and open-ended questioning of a leader. Roundtable provides the superb framework and support teachers need for developing the reading comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary, and writing skills of students with diverse abilities, needs, and learning styles.

In our Great Books Roundtable program, students:

  • Build a collaborative, discussion-based classroom culture
  • Strengthen critical thinking skills
  • Develop transferable reading, note-taking, and questioning strategies
  • Develop cognitive, social, and emotional intelligences

Using Powerful Questions to Enhance Guided Reading

Using powerful questions in your guided reading discussions helps students build their critical thinking skills and develop their listening and speaking skills across the curriculum. This invaluable resource provides ideas, activities, and practical guidance on:

  • Selecting texts
  • Preparing questions
  • Asking spontaneous questions
  • Encouraging and using students’ questions
  • Extending understanding and increasing comprehension