Welcome to Junior Great Books Digital Classroom

Explore New Student Features, Robust Classroom Materials, and Improved Shared Inquiry Support

The new and improved Junior Great Books Digital Classroom keeps the focus on the Shared Inquiry process, so your students can continue to practice their reading and discussion skills just as they do with the print books. Plus, educators now have the option to purchase digital access to expanded grade bands, including:

  • Series K–1
  • Series 2–5 (Fiction and Nonfiction Inquiry)
  • Series 6–8

That’s right! If you are a third-grade teacher and would like to explore texts from Series 2, 4, or 5, you can do so by purchasing a grade-band package. Teachers and students can choose which texts to use within their respective grade bands, which better fits the curriculum needs of a diverse student body.

You may also continue to purchase digital access to single grade levels of Junior Great Books.

Students can highlight the text in different colors, and notes and highlights carry over from one activity to the next throughout a Junior Great Books unit.

In Our NEW Platform, You Can:

Manage the Classroom

  • Create and manage class rosters
  • Make and share assignments
  • Archive and reactivate classes

Respond to Student Work

  • View and grade work
  • Respond to student notes
  • Give individual feedback

View Student Analytics

  • Track student time spent on assignments
  • Evaluate individual student or whole-class progress
  • Generate course reports showing students’ performance, usage, and achievement of standards

Student Annotation Tools

  • Highlight text with different colors
  • Write or draw with a pen tool
  • Type comments and questions as they read